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The most successful democracies in the world show that a truly democratic society is one informed by a free press. Since 1994, the IJC has significantly contributed to improving the quality of Moldovan press; however, there is still much work to be done before our media outlets are truly and not just partially free as they currently are according to recent reports by Freedom House.

We have traditionally been supported through various projects funded by a number of international organizations, but as our society is becoming increasingly open, we want to give anyone who is interested in the quality of our media the opportunity to support the IJC directly through donations. Donors can monitor how their money is spent by checking our activity and audit reports. Currently, donations can be made to our bank account.

Banking details:

Alternatively, those who wish to contribute can contact us by phone or email for more details. In the future, we intend to develop the option of crowdfunding.

A free and fair press is imperative for a democratic society and even for a better life its citizens. Helping us, you also contribute to the democratization of Moldova. We thank you in advance and are grateful for the support that you give us.