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The BC will monitor a program broadcast by NTV Moldova from Russia and launched an appeal to providers in the context of the “security crisis”
The Broadcasting Council (BC) will monitor a program produced in the Russian Federation and broadcast by NTV Moldova, following the notification of a member of the BC.
NTV Moldova has abandoned the idea to exclude informative programs from Russia from its broadcasting schedule
The administration of NTV Moldova has changed its mind and claims that it will continue broadcasting informative and analytical programs produced in the Russian Federation. It happened after more than a month ago the station informed the...
NTV Moldova announced the BC that it gave up Russian newscasts, as well as informative and analytical programs
The administration of the television station NTV Moldova has announced the Broadcasting Council (BC) that it gave up three informative and analytical programs produced in Russia that are retransmitted in Moldova. This information was confirmed for...
Reactions after a Police Officer Suggests to the Court to Suspend Jurnal TV Activity for a Year in an Administrative Case for Slander
Jurnal TV has announced that an employee of the Buiucani Sector Police Inspectorate initiated an administrative lawsuit for defamation against the TV channel after a journalistic investigation had been broadcast, and recommended to the court...
Publika TV and ITV, sanctioned by the BC at the first meeting of this year
At the first meeting of 2022, the members of the Broadcasting Council (BC) sanctioned the Publika TV station for non-observance of the privacy of minors in a report, and the ITV station for incorrect use of the logo. Both sanctions were applied...


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