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Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism

The Chisinau School of Advanced Journalism (CSAJ) is a unique and atypical institution in the Republic of Moldova. Launched in 2006 as a pilot project of the Independent Journalism Center, the CSAJ has become, over the years, an attractive educational institution, always in step with innovation, with more than 180 graduates, most of them working for media outlets or in communication and media research.

The school courses last ten months and are taught by the best trainers, experienced and reputable journalists from the Republic of Moldova. The curricula were created based on advanced programs for journalists, are adapted to the new trends in media education and correspond to the highest journalistic standards in Europe and the USA. The CSAJ students study journalism from A to Z, in conditions of a real editorial office, the focus being put on practical exercise, fieldwork and the ability to work in a team.

During the school year, the students are introduced to television, radio, writing and online journalism. The advanced technical equipment of the School allows them to acquire, at the same time, skills for filming, editing, photographing, writing and editing news, reports, interviews and investigations. Experts in economics, law, psychology, management and journalistic ethics teach them to analyze the secondary aspects of journalism whether it is children or minorities’ rights in the media, respecting the Journalist’s Code of Ethics or knowledge of legal provisions on defamation.

The study period ends with a four-week internship at a CSAJ partner institution: ProTV, TV8, Ziarul de Gardă, the portal, Adevarul Moldova, Radio Free Europe and others. At the end of the internship, many graduates choose to remain at these media outlets.

The goal of the CSAJ is to educate a new generation of universal journalists with diverse technical skills and a developed ethical awareness. One principle is to provide equal opportunities for graduates in other fields including those from Gagauzia and Transnistria. The focus is on promoting honest journalism and discouraging plagiarism.

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