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Who are press enemies?

A free press is an essential component of a healthy democracy; when public officials fail to understand this, they should be held accountable. In the section “Enemies of the Press” we will cover cases when public officials, either Moldovan or foreign, assault media representatives verbally or violently or restrict their access to information or their freedom of expression.

Vladimir Voronin

20 February 2014
Vladimir Voronin
Former president of Moldova, Member of Parliament, chairman of the Party of Communists in the Republic of Moldova
To journalists, about the “media enclosure”: “You have been sold and bought […] and so you deserve to stay there, in that cloakroom”

Vladimir Voronin on Thursday, 20 February, to journalists in the Parliament’s halls: “You learned how to lie and I know why they sent you to that room [editor’s note – the press room in the Parliament]. Because you’ve sold yourselves. There is no channel, not radio station that is not sold and bought completely. You’ve been bought and so it serves you right… You have been sold and bought. And you know by whom and how. And so you deserve to stay there, in that cloakroom”.

On the same occasion, a Prime TV journalist asked Voronin: “So that we have no more questions, do you feel fine? Are you healthy? Please, confirm it to us, so that to set us at ease.”

Vladimir Voronin: “Should I confirm in private, or in front of everyone? What mechanism of confirmation do you suggest?”

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