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Vladimir Voronin

10 July 2013
Vladimir Voronin
Former president of Moldova, Member of Parliament, chairman of the Party of Communists in the Republic of Moldova
"You will go to a farm to milk cows"

Journalist: - Will you attend the Parliament session tomorrow?
Vladimir Voronin: - That’s not your problem.

Journalist: - Mr. Voronon, how do you comment on the incident in Armenia, the one involving Ms. Grigoriu? Weren’t you in power when she was appointed Parliamentary Advocate?
Vladimir Voronin: - Where do you get these things? I don’t remember. I wasn’t dealing with Parliamentary Advocates.

Journalist: - Are you still planning revolution, as you said repeatedly?
Vladimir Voronin: - When are you going to get down to seriously preparing for your profession? Or it doesn’t matter to you. You will go to a farm to milk cows, or else go around with a microphone. Or maybe go to Italy to work as a cleaning lady somewhere.

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