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International Press Review
(18 – 23 August 2019)
International Press Review
When Russia wants to censor Google  
Daily Caller: The Russian Government asked Google not to spread information concerning “...
Kyrgyzstan Urged To Protect Media Pluralism After Opposition TV's Closure
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has called on the Kyrgyz authorities to allow the opposition Aprel (April) television channel to resume broadcasting, calling its closure last week a violation of press freedom.

Aprel's closure coincided with the arrest of its owner, former...

EFJ joins call for new European Commission President to prioritise press freedom

The German conservative politician Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) was just elected as the new President of the Commission of the European Union. The European Federation of Journalists co-signed a letter, urging Ms Von der Leyen to prioritise press freedom (...

The New York Times Fighting Against Fake News in Photojournalism Using Blockchain
In a society disrupted by fake news, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish a manipulated photograph from a real one.
A New Fund Aiming to Promote Global Free Press
On the 10th of July the British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announced the creation of a new fund to support and train journalists.
Metropolitan Police is blamed for limiting press freedom
A warning from Scotland Yard following publication of leaks has sparked off indignation from journalists and politicians, according to The...
Twitter, Facebook and Google are excluded from the Social Media Summit

On the 11th of July Donald Trump organised his Social Media Summit that will tale place at the White House. Unexpectedly, Twitter, Facebook and...