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Jurnal TV broadcasts the reconstruction of a rape in a newscast at 19.00

10 Mar 2014
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Jurnal TV broadcast in its main daily newscast at 19.00 the reconstruction of the incident when a 34-year-old man accosted and then raped a 14-year-old girl. Reconstructions, especially those of violent or shocking incidents, are usually shown during programs specialized in investigations or at a much later hour. Also, during the report Jurnal TV showed interviews with one of the assaulter’s victims, a 15-year-old girl, and her father. The victim shared details of the rape. The girl and her father were filmed with their backs to the camera, but their voices were not modified, so that they could be identified by the people who know them. The Guidelines on Style containing Ethical Norms and the Code of Ethics are warning that journalists must not reveal any details that could help identify victims. In addition, the Guidelines say that no articles or photographs should be published if they put children, their families or friends at risk, even if their identity is changed or not used. Furthermore, one shall also protect the children who watch television. “Some television directors in Europe have recognized that they prohibited their own children to watch the newscasts they produce. Therefore, we shall publish such news items about children that are worthy of us and of public attention,” the Guidelines conclude.