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Incidents at Lucian Blaga High School in Tiraspol

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According to an announcement posted on social media by the representatives of the NGO Promo-LEX, an incident that caused panic among students took place on Thursday, December 5th, at the only Romanian-teaching high school Tiraspol.

“In Tiraspol, unknown persons rushed into Lucian Blaga High School. They filmed inside and caused panic among students and teachers! OSCE Mission to Moldova, dear journalists, the high school’s administration is asking for your help!” Promo-LEX representatives wrote on Facebook.

Raisa Padurean (deputy principal of the high school) wrote on the Facebook account of her daughter: “Those who are online, please help, people in civilian clothes and militia came inside the high school. I am being arrested for disobedience. The director is being interrogated”.

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