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Media NGOs request elucidation on the death threats addressed to journalists

Media NGOs are asking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Prosecutor’s Office to thoroughly investigate and solve the cases of editors Vasile Năstase and Constantin Cheianu, and if necessary, to take measures to protect their lives and well being.

On 15 July 2013, Vasile Năstase made a public announcement informing the national authorities and international institutions about a death threat he received in an SMS message. Subsequently, Constantin Cheianu also told the press about a similar message addressed to him. In both cases, the journalists believe there is a connection between the threats and their professional activities.

We believe that intimidation, threats, and violence by a person, persons or other forces willing to silence journalists or to impose censorship on them must be condemned without reserve in a state governed by the rule of law. Such actions jeopardize press freedom and the right to free expression. We are asking law enforcement authorities to thoroughly investigate both cases in order to identify the authors of the threats and harassment and to sanction the responsible persons according to the legislation in force.
Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
Electronic Press Association
Press Freedom Committee
Journalistic Investigations Center
”Acces-info” Center
Young Journalist Center of Moldova