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Improving The Media Law Environment In Moldova

Durata proiectului: 
01.01.2016 -31.01.2017
Civil Rights Defenders, Sweden

Through this project, the IJC has participated in contributing to the promotion of freedom of expression and access to information in Moldova and consolidating the knowledge of journalists in the field of human rights.

  • Providing free legal assistance to journalists and media institutions.
The ICJ provided legal assistance in court in two cases throughout 2016. It also provided legal advice to journalists and media requests.
IJC reacted in cases of intimidation of journalists, draft laws threaten press freedom by issuing statements. In the project period IJC issued 20 statements.
In the project period, 6 legislative bulletins in Romanian and Russian were published by the IJC. These contain legislative news in the media, BCC decisions, ECHR decisions aimed at journalists and media outlets and IJC statements.
IJC organised a training for journalists from national and local mass-media about situation in human rights field in the Republic of Moldova, with a focus on the commitments assumed by the authorities in the international exercise - Universal Periodic Review.
During the project period, IJC in partnership with Association of Independent Press organised a contest for journalists about human rights in the Republic of Moldova. At the contest was attended 12 journalists and they presented 30 journalistic materials to the jury.
The study provides an analysis of the media in Moldova in 2016 on: the legal framework regulating media activity; quality of journalism; the information security from the media perspective; the security of journalists, etc.
Through this project, IJC offered free legal assistance in the courts and provided legal advice to journalists and media request.

Journalists and other interested persons were informed about legislative news from the media field through legislative bulletins. They also improved their knowledge in the human rights field.

The IJC launched for the first time the ”Media Situation Index in the Republic of Moldova in 2016” included detailed information about the press situation in Moldova for the year 2016.