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Civil society asks the Parliament to abide by the law

10 September 2014
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We, the representatives of the Moldovan civil society who signed this declaration, are asking the Parliament to comply with the term legally required to prepare and debate in the second reading the draft law on modifying and supplementing the Broadcasting Code of the Republic of Moldova, which concerns media ownership transparency and public access to information about the owners of media outlets.
We shall remind that the above-mentioned draft law, registered on 12 June 2013 under number 240, was voted for in the first reading on 21 July this year. According to Parliament Regulations, a draft law is to be debated in the second reading not later than 45 days after approval in the first reading.
Given the need to ensure media ownership transparency, we find it necessary to adopt the proposed amendments and supplements, which will require televisions and radio stations to submit to the Broadcasting Coordinating Council information about their beneficiary owners. Moreover, according to European standards, it is absolutely necessary that national legislation provide for the right of citizens to request access to information about televisions or other media outlets.
Thus, we are asking the legislature to abide by its legal obligations and commitments and to debate in the second readin the draft law on modifying and supplementing the Broadcasting Code, so as to comply with the term required by the current legislation and with the principle of harmonizing the national legislation with the regulatory acts of the European Union.
Independent Journalism Center
Electronic Press Association
Association of Independent Press
Journalistic Investigations Center
Young Journalist Center of Moldova
Association of Independent TV Journalists
Association for the Development of Culture and Protection of Copyright and Related Rights
International Civic Association “Hyde Park”