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Innovative media education tools launched by the IJC for information consumers

20 July 2021
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“Filter the information with a clear mind!” With this urge, in 2020 the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) launched the first media education podcast in the country – Podcast cuMINTE, as part of a project to promote critical thinking among information consumers, carried out with the financial support of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest.

The 21 editions of Podcast cuMINTE have guided the public in everything that means disinformation, manipulation, and fake news. In each edition, journalists, researchers, and experts analyzed and explained why media education and critical thinking are a priority to those who do not wish to be manipulated in the information avalanche of the age in which we live. For all those who have not discovered it yet, the Podcast cuMINTE can be listened to on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud

Also within this project, the IJC offered teachers and students several media education resources, available of the Educația Mediatică [Media Education] platform. Materials were various in terms of topics and aimed to challenge students to be vigilant when reading media content and to better master the topics of the optional course of media education. “At the lessons of media education we listened to Podcast cuMINTE and followed the Media Education platform, among other things. Due to articles and quizzes, the topics we studied became clearer,” says Emilia Reaboconi, a 9th grade student from Brînzenii Vechi village of Telenești district. For the general public, the IJC regularly updated the Mediacritica platform, offering quality content to help citizens avoid disinformation. Thus, in a period marked by fakes about Covid-19 and the pandemic, the portal has become a credible source of information, where anyone can find truthful information and advice on how to avoid disinformation.

Part of the project is also the platform T(V)E Privește!, a tool through which media consumers were offered the possibility to critically analyze the content broadcast on radio and television and then report on the items they find non-compliant with deontology, journalistic ethics, and the legislation in force. Over 100 cases of violation of audiovisual media legislation were reported by the citizens of Moldova through the platform T(V)E Privește! between July 2020 and June 2021.

The IJC continues the projects of media education and promotion of critical thinking. Follow us to get details or to be part of these initiatives.

The project “Media literacy innovative tools for media savvy citizens” was implemented by the Independent Journalism Center between July 2020 and June 2021 with the financial support of the Embassy of Finland in Bucharest.