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An international festival of journalism in France

11 July 2019
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From July 12th to 14th, an international festival of journalism will take place in the south of France. At Couthure-sur-Garonne, journalists from print and online media, radio, television, as well as artists, photographers, experts and media consumers will come to share their experiences.

During three days, at the water’s edge, workshops and pleasant meeting will tackle the understanding of the current situation. Seven themes will be approached by a number of diverse guests.

 - 'Journalists: why so much hate?' This panel will discuss the distrust towards journalists in the French society regarding social movement (like “gilets jaunes”). The guests will approach the way media is being considered and the power it has.

 - 'Are journalists above the laws?' Lawyers, magistrates, politicians and journalists will debate whether it is needed to establish an ordinary justice to journalists. It will also be discussed if journalists are going too far by authorising themselves to denounce state secrets.

 - 'Why the question of gender interests us?' Should we talk about biology and how identity is built? The gender subject will be treated in all its forms: at school, in family and in gender theory.

 - 'Tunisia: Look out!' The situation in Tunisia eight years after the revolution (2011). The societal, cultural, environmental or economic transformations in the only “Arab spring” that is continuing its democratic change.

 - When journalists and writers reverse their roles. Where is the gate between the real and the fiction? What are the links between journalism and novelty?

 - The environmental emergency and me. In front of the inertia of United States, is it necessary to create local citizen action?
At the same time, several extra-activities will be proposed. Many expositions will take place and different media-related workshops will be available.