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Media NGOs are asking for elucidation of threats to a Jurnal TV anchor

24 April 2014
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Media NGOs are asking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate and elucidate the threats addressed to Anatol Durbala, one of the hosts of the Ora de Ras (“An Hour of Laughter”) show on Jurnal TV. The threats related to professional activity were mentioned on a social networking site by his co-host, columnist Constantin Cheianu.

We shall note that Constantin Cheianu has posted a message on a social networking site, announcing that Anatol Durbala, co-host of the Ora de Ras show, had been called during the night by Renato Usatii – a businessman who had recently become the leader of a political party. R. Usatîi had allegedly cursed and threatened A. Durbala, expressing dissatisfaction with the way he was presented during the show on 20 April.

Programs of political satire, even if not a primary journalistic genre, still make an indispensable component in educating a healthy critical spirit in society. Therefore, interference with the work of authors of such programs is inadmissible. If a person presented in a humoristic program feels offended, it is advisable to appeal to the Press Council and to refrain from such gestures of direct communication with the authors, which can be interpreted as an attempt to interfere with their professional activity or even as a threat to them.

We are asking law-enforcement authorities to investigate the threat signaled by Constantin Cheianu to determine the veracity of the threats addressed to the host of the Ora de Ras show Anatol Durbala, and if the signal is found to be true, to bring the offender to justice according to the law in force. We are also asking that investigation results be made ​​public.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
Electronic Press Association
Press Freedom Committee
Young Journalist Center of Moldova
Journalistic Investigations Center
Association of Independent TV Journalists
“Acces-Info” Center