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Combating Discrimination by Promoting Successful Practices, Involving Citizens and Empowering the Media

Durata proiectului: 
01.08.2015 – 30.09.2016
Funds came from the Support of National Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights according to the Recommendations of the Committees of UN Conventions and Universal Periodic Review (UPR)" project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affai

The project was intended to contribute to the promotion of human rights, in particular those of minorities and of marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, by fighting and diminishing discrimination.

The documentary was produced by a production team of the IJC and is 30 minutes long. It provides citizens with detailed information on how they can defend their rights when they could or do face discrimination.
Ten people speak about their success in fighting discrimination to encourage people  to act and not to tolerate violations of their rights.
During the project, the IJC published articles designed to bring the plight of minorities and/or marginalized groups to the attention of the media and to encourage professional coverage in the press. Articles were published on and were also translated into Russian.
  • Three discussion clubs for students of the School of Advanced Journalism
The IJC invited representatives of NGOs active in promoting human rights, fighting discrimination and promoting equality to speak at the discussion clubs.
Through this project, the IJC promoted human rights education with special emphasis on minorities and marginalized and disadvantaged groups and encouraged citizens to speak out about discrimination thus helping to reduce it .

The documentary “Discrimination is Punished” provides detailed information on how citizens can defend their rights when they could or do face discrimination. Success stories also promoted positive practices for combating this phenomenon.

In the analyses in the Media in Sight section of and in the discussion clubs, the media community was encouraged to approach topics about minorities and marginalized and disadvantaged groups in a professional way.

Details about the project can be found here.