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Institutional Support Program

Durata proiectului: 
July 2016–July 2019
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency through the Swedish Embassy in Chisinau
În derulare
To contribute to the creation of a more favorable environment for media activity in Moldova in line with the IJC development strategy for 2016–2019.
  • Training

The IJC will organize (i) training programs for journalists on various themes, (ii) competitions, (iii) press clubs, (iv) media campaigns, (v) the annual "Best Journalists of the Year" gala of the Press Club and (vi) the publication of the magazine Mass Media in Moldova. The IJC will also update the Media Azi portal on a daily basis with diverse content in order to promote journalistic integrity.

  • Policy and advocacy

The IJC will publicize various problems the media face through such activities as advocacy campaigns, public debates, drafting laws and amendments and launching studies and media research among others.

  • Media education

The IJC will (i) provide media literacy lessons, summer camps and teacher training programs; (ii) publish relevant material and analyses on the portal and (iii) make and broadcast relevant shows on Media Azi.

  • Organizational development

The IJC will carry out activities designed to help strengthen its organization and team.