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Promotion of media education and professional standards in press for an informed public

Durata proiectului: 
01.03.2016 – 30.12.2016
Soros Foundation Moldova/Mass Media Program and Civil Rights Defenders (Sweden)

Promoting media education and critical consumption of the press

  • Media literacy lessons

The IJC organized 22 media literacy lessons for students in educational institutions

(Vasieni, Carpineni, DrochiaFalestiGotestiStefan VodaChisinau, Rezina, Chisinau, Glodeni,  Chisinau, Puhoi, Chisinau, UngheniDrochia, Chisinau, Giurgiulesti, Cimislia, TelenestiChisinau, CostestiChisinau ). The lessons were moderated by professional journalists including Liliana Barbarosie, Radio Free Europe; Viorica Zaharia, and Diana Railean, Radio Free Europe. The topics discussed included manipulation, propaganda, falsehoods in the press and simple methods to filter information.

The IJC produced the video spot, "The IJC urges you to adjust your TV antenna; there is more news out there!” In the spot, actors Sergiu Finiti and Eugenia Butnaru using their own experiences encourage media consumers to diversify their sources of information because it is the only way to get the correct impression about what is really happening.

  • Training program for journalists

A group of 15 journalists from local and national media outlets participated in a training program titled Ethical Standards and Current Journalistic Practices in which they learned to cover sensitive topics and topics of public interest taking into consideration the demands and principles of quality journalism.

  • Event summarizing the project

The IJC invited the beneficiaries of this project to a meeting summarizing project results in order to assess project activities and to collect recommendations for further activities.

Through this project, the IJC promoted media education for young people and for media consumers. Over 600 students in 22 educational institutions in the country received media education for the first time.

The video spot produced by the IJC was of interest to media consumers and was picked up and broadcast by several media outlets.

A total of 15 journalists strengthened their knowledge of professional ethics.

Details about the project can be found here and here.