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Media NGOs Condemn PDM’s Use of Different Standards to Journalists

17 September 2018
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Media NGOs are concerned about restricting the access of TV8 journalists at the meeting of the National Political Council of the Democratic Party of Moldova on Friday, 14 September, on the grounds that the broadcaster’s editorial policy would interfere with PDM’s leadership. According to an information published on, TV8 reporter was not allowed to enter this event because of its editorial policy.

Note that the meeting discussed the current situation in the country and PDM’s future actions, and journalists from other media outlets enjoyed free access in the room.

We condemn the selective admission of journalists to public events, and we qualify them as unacceptable for any political party, but especially for a ruling party that qualifies itself as an adept of democratic values.

We ask political parties to treat media representatives according to the same standards, without dividing them into ‘ours’ and ‘yours’ or into comfortable and uncomfortable journalists. Finally, the law guarantees all media representatives the equal right to participate in the public events and manifestations, obtain and disseminate information, make audiovisual recordings, film and take pictures.

We also note that Article 1801 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova provides for the criminal liability for intentional obstruction to the activity of a journalist.

We urge PDM’s leadership and all political parties to manifest more openness in their relations with media representatives.

Independent Journalism Center

Association of Independent Press

Association of Electronic Press

Center for Investigative Journalism

Press Freedom Committee 

Association of Independent TV Journalists 

RISE Moldova