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Media NGOs Urge State Authorities to Investigate Thoroughly the Incident Involving the Journalist of Jurnal TV Channel

05 March 2015
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Media NGOs urge the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova to investigate the incident involving a journalist. It occurred Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at the courthouse in the town of Orhei, where a criminal case involving as witness MP Constantin Tutu was to be heard. Catalina Rosca, reporter of Jurnal TV Channel, claims that a person accompanying Democrat MP Constantin Tutu assaulted her physically, punching her in the stomach. Her statements were confirmed by lawyer Roman Zadoinov, who had witnessed the incident. On the other hand, Constantin Tutu denies the allegations.

We require rigorous investigation of this case and public disclosure of the results. If the information is true, the signatory organizations request filing a criminal case and punishing the guilty under Article 1801 of the Penal Code "Intentional Obstruction of Media Activity or Intimidation in Response to Criticism".

In addition, media NGOs urge the Permanent Bureau of Parliament to discuss the incident and take action, and, if the information is confirmed, sanction MP Constantin Tutu.

March 5, 2015


Independent Press Association
Independent Journalism Center
Acces-Info Center
Association of Independent TV Journalists
Committee for Press Freedom
Young Journalist Center of Moldova
Electronic Press Association