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In this section you will find the statements signed or initiated by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and other media NGOs in Moldova. Our organization reacts whenever the rights of media representatives are violated or threatened and asks the competent authorities to take appropriate measures.


Media non-government organizations express their concern about the prohibitions on entry to the Republic of Moldova for two foreign journalists, recently applied by the Border Police. Such restrictions of circulation contravene the democratic norms and adversely affect the free information flux.

Ladies and gentlemen Members of Parliament, The non-governmental NGOs from media field call to you not to vote  the bills on the modification and completion of the Broadcasting Code of the Republic of Moldova in the second reading (nr.218 from 22.05 2015 and 125 from 02.04.2015) and to put off their examination till the next parliamentary session, merging them with the bill of the new...

(The declaration is open for signing)   We note with concern that lately a number of public institutions have limited the access to information of the public, including the media, claiming in excess the need to protect personal data. These limitations, specifically targeting data on the businesses, possessions and interests of officials, affect the media’s access to information of public interest...

Media NGOs deprecate the secrecy and haste of the lawmakers in drafting and registering for adoption in the first reading the bill on amending the Broadcasting Code and the Law on the Freedom of Press. We consider unacceptable any attempts to improve a law in violation of another; in this case, the provisions of Law 239 on Transparency in Decision Making were violated.

Media NGOs express concern about the attempts of the authorities to exercise political control over the national public broadcaster Teleradio Moldova (TRM) and the audiovisual regulatory body – the Coordinating Council for Broadcasting (CCB).

Media NGOs urge the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova to investigate the incident involving a journalist. It occurred Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at the courthouse in the town of Orhei, where a criminal case involving as witness MP Constantin Tutu was to be heard. Catalina Rosca, reporter of Jurnal TV Channel, claims that a person...

Comrat, January 31, 2015 Civil society organizations are concerned about the management crisis at the regional public broadcasting company GagauzRadioTelevizionu (GRT). Ms. Anna Kharlamenko, GRT Manager, requested in writing that the Supervisory Board appoint Ms. Maria Parfyonova as Acting Manager of GagauzRadioTelevizionu, due to Ms. Kharlamenko's request for sick leave.

Media NGOs are asking the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia to reject the draft law on modifying and supplementing Law of Gagauzia on Television and Radio, no. 66 of 10 July 2007, which was subjected to public discussions on 24 October 2014[1].  

We, the representatives of the Moldovan civil society who signed this declaration, are asking the Parliament to comply with the term legally required to prepare and debate in the second reading the draft law on modifying and supplementing the Broadcasting Code of the Republic of Moldova, which concerns media ownership transparency and public access to information about the owners of media outlets...

Media NGOs are expressing their concern with the legislative initiative intending to modify the law on counteracting extremist activities, which is able to restrict Internet freedom.