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In this section you will find the statements signed or initiated by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and other media NGOs in Moldova. Our organization reacts whenever the rights of media representatives are violated or threatened and asks the competent authorities to take appropriate measures.


Non-governmental organizations working in the media field are asking the Parliament to speed up the process of selection and appointment of members to the Supervisory Board (SB) of the national public broadcaster Teleradio-Moldova, so as to ensure the functionality of this autonomous managing authority.  

Media NGOs are expressing concern about physical aggression against civic activist and human rights campaigner Oleg Brega and are asking the Ministry of Interior and the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate and elucidate cases of aggression against him and to make investigation results public.  

Media NGOs are asking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate and elucidate the threats addressed to Anatol Durbala, one of the hosts of the Ora de Ras (“An Hour of Laughter”) show on Jurnal TV. The threats related to professional activity were mentioned on a social networking site by his co-host, columnist Constantin Cheianu.

Non-government organizations supporting the media request that the management of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova solve the problem of access to the parliamentary chamber for media representatives, thus keeping a promise previously made. Limiting journalists’ access to the plenary meetings of Parliament contravenes the principle of transparency in decision making and is a violation of...

Moldovan media NGOs express their deep concern over the violence and use of firearms by Ukrainian authorities and the groups supporting them (“titushki”), which resulted in the death of one journalist and injuries to other 38 who had been covering protests in Ukraine. The signatory organizations vehemently condemn such practices that are contrary to all international norms.

Non-governmental organizations working in the media field are concerned with the exclusion of some television channels from the retransmission grids of some service providers or their transfer into other packages offered to consumers and request that the activity of the companies retransmitting television signals be regulated according to the national legislation and good European practices in...

Moldovan media NGOs are concerned with the violence practised by the Ukrainian special forces that resulted in injuring journalists who were covering the protests in Kiev city center, and are harshly condemning such actions, which are in contradiction with all international standards.  

Media NGOs firmly condemn the improper behavior of Communist Party Member of Parliament Iurie Muntean in his relations with the press and ask that he apologize to the journalist he intimidated. During the Parliamentary session on Thursday 21 November 2013, MP Muntean verbally abused and publicly threatened Dumitrita Ciuvaga, a journalist from station Publika TV, to express his dissatisfaction...

Media NGOs are asking the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Prosecutor’s Office to thoroughly investigate the case of threats against the team from Ziarul de Gardă and to take all necessary measures to protect their lives and property.

Media NGOs are concerned about the fact that journalists from the local newspaper Glia Drochiană were prohibited access to a meeting of the President of the Moldovan Parliament Igor Corman with public officials and representatives of public services in Drochia, and are asking that this not be repeated in the future.