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Declaration of media NGOs concerning aggression against civic activist Oleg Brega

23 June 2014
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Media NGOs are expressing concern about physical aggression against civic activist and human rights campaigner Oleg Brega and are asking the Ministry of Interior and the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate and elucidate cases of aggression against him and to make investigation results public.
According to Oleg Brega, in the evening of 21 June he was attacked by a group of people in masks who sprayed him into the eyes and hit him with their feet. The attack allegedly took place in the Botanica district of Chisinau, and after it Brega needed medical care. According to the video posted on the following day, in the morning of Sunday, 22 June, Oleg Brega was insulted and physically assaulted by the driver of the car with the registration number RM P 007, parked at the intersection of 31 August 1989 and Petru Movila streets. The driver, who was disturbed by the fact that the activist was filming the car, hit Brega and his camera. The video shows that shortly after Maria Postoico, MP representing the Party of Communists, climbed into the car.
We find such cases inconceivable and intolerable in a democratic society. We remind that public authorities have the obligation to pay special attention to solving crimes against freedom of expression so as to ensure the best conditions for the exercise of the inalienable right to public expression.
In this connection, we are asking competent law enforcement authorities to investigate both cases objectively and transparently and to punish attackers according to the legislation in force. We are also asking Parliament leadership to conduct their own investigation and take action so that in the future its employees refrain from such behavior towards citizens.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press
“Acces-info” Center
Press Freedom Committee
Electronic Press Association
Young Journalist Center of Moldova
Association of Independent TV Journalists
Journalistic Investigations Center
Journalists Union of Moldova