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Moldovan Media NGOs Express Solidarity with Ukrainian Journalists and Condemn Attacks on the Media

21 February 2014
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Moldovan media NGOs express their deep concern over the violence and use of firearms by Ukrainian authorities and the groups supporting them (“titushki”), which resulted in the death of one journalist and injuries to other 38 who had been covering protests in Ukraine. The signatory organizations vehemently condemn such practices that are contrary to all international norms.

Ukrainian public association Telekritika announced that as many as 38 journalists were attacked or injured in Kiev, Odessa and other cities during 18—20 February, while the records of many were deleted and the video and photo equipment of almost all was destroyed.

At the same time, the media noted violation of freedom of information, including by organizing technical jamming and then by blocking broadcasting over the entire territory of Ukraine for the 5 Canal television and by DDoS attacks on the websites of 5 Canal ( and on the online television Espreso (

We find unacceptable such violations of the freedom of the press, particularly the fact that journalists are attacked, beaten and shot, sometimes right in front of the law enforcement representatives, while doing their job.

Weask the Ukrainian authorities to take all measures necessary to immediately stop these attacks and to investigate the cases of use of physical force and weapons reported by journalists. At the same time, we appeal to the international community to monitor the situation and the aggressions against media professionals, and to apply all the necessay international procedures in order to responsibilize the Ukrainian authorities so that they ensure adequate, safe working conditions for the media.

We also express solidarity with the representatives of Ukrainian mass media, who are defending their right to do their job freely and unhindered, according to the generally accepted democratic norms, and to continue informing the public despite the enormous risks that they are facing.

Independent Journalism Center
Association of Independent Press 
“Acces-info” Center
Young Journalist Center
Journalistic Investigations Center
Press Freedom Committee
Electronic Press Association (APEL)
Association of Independent TV Journalists
Journalists Union Moldova