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Andrian Candu Signed a Decree Promulgating the “Anti-Propaganda” Law

10 January 2018
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Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu, as acting president, according to the decision of the Constitutional Court issued to promulgate the “anti-propaganda” law, signed a decree promulgating this law on January 10, 2018, states the press release of the Communications and Public Relations Department of the Parliament.

The new provisions of the Broadcasting Code provide for broadcasting of foreign informational, analytical, military, and political television and radio shows produced in the member states of the European Union, the USA, Canada, as well as in the countries that have ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and prohibit the broadcasting of such shows from the countries not included in the specified list.

It should be recalled that by its decision of January 4 of the current year the Constitutional Court granted the chairman of the legislative body or the prime minister the right to promulgate this document in place of the country's president Igor Dodon, who refused to sign this law on the grounds that it would violate the citizens’ rights to information.