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IJC study. The share of respondents who dislike advertising exceeds the number of those who like it

30 December 2021
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The share of people who have a negative attitude towards advertising is about 10% higher than the number of those who have a positive attitude towards it, according to a national audience study, launched by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) on December 23.
About a quarter of the survey respondents said they have a very or somewhat positive attitude towards advertising (24%), of which 7% said they have a very positive attitude, and 17% – somewhat positive.

About a third of those interviewed said they have a somewhat or very negative attitude towards advertising (34%). Of these, 19% claimed to have a very negative attitude towards advertising, and 16% – somewhat negative.

25% of respondents said that they have a neutral attitude towards advertising. 16% of those interviewed do not pay attention to advertising in general, and 2% said they do not know or do not answer such questions.

Sursa: Magenta Consulting

The study also shows that positive attitudes are most often found among people in the southern (35%) and central (26%) regions of the country, while in the north their share is lower (18%). At the same time, the nationwide average share of those with a positive attitude towards advertising is 23%. In the northern region there is also the largest number of respondents with a negative attitude towards advertising (38%), higher than the nationwide average – 34%.

Sursa: Magenta Consulting

The research was conducted by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 1,341 people, nationally representative, with a margin of error of ±2%. The research method used was Day After Recall (DAR), and the data were collected by means of Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI). The survey was carried out between October 24 and November 20, 2021.

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