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The draft law on banning the advertising of gambling in the media and on the Internet is back on the agenda of MPs

14 September 2021
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MPs from the parliamentary faction of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) have returned to an earlier initiative to ban gambling in the media and on the Internet. The initiative has been recently registered in the Parliament.

The document was signed by Dumitru Alaiba, Marcela Adam, Marcela Nistor, Vitalie Jacot, and Victor Spînu. The text transposes the idea of ​​an initiative developed by Dumitru Alaiba in June 2020. MPs propose that the advertising of gambling, including lotteries and betting, be banned on radio, TV, in print media, on the Internet, and in other public places.

In the draft law registered on September 6, MPs proposed prohibiting in any form, direct or indirect, the advertising (promotion) aimed at promoting and/or stimulating all types of gambling (including lotteries and bets on sporting competitions/events, instant lotteries), including advertising on radio and television, in print media, in film and video services, via the Internet, using telephone networks. The document also provides for sanctions for those who will place or broadcast advertising of gambling. Individuals or persons in positions of responsibility could be fined with amounts from 3,000 MDL to 6,000 MDL.

Media Azi wrote earlier about some expert opinions that the ban will affect televisions, which might lose part of their revenues.

Currently, the main provider of advertising on gambling in our country is The National Lottery of Moldova, a monopolist operating on the basis of a public-private partnership between the Public Property Agency and a company controlled by Bulgarian businessmen, with involvement of several offshore-rooted companies.

According to the report of the TV MR MLD audience measurement, the National Lottery is one of the largest advertising providers for several televisions in Moldova.