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(infographic) TV channels controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc still have the largest audience

04 June 2020
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The group of TV channels under the control of Vladimir Plahotniuc, the former leader of the Democratic Party, had the largest audience of the 21 stations analyzed by the company TV MR MLD in April.
According to the report of the only audiovisual audience meter, all 21 TV stations analyzed by the company obtained a total rating of 10.91%, data valid for the entire territory of Moldova.

Of the total, the group of televisions directly or indirectly controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc holds the highest share – 3.83%. These stations are Canal 2 (1.18%), Prime (0.98%) – which appeared in the top of the rating before November 2019, Publika TV (0.66%), Canal 3 (0.56%), Canal 5 (0.18%), Familia Domashniy (0.14%), and CTC Mega (0.13%).

Another group with a significant share (2.62%) consists of several televisions controlled by persons affiliated with the Socialists or with President Igor Dodon. The first place in this category is taken by Primul în Moldova (1.23%), the second comes NTV Moldova (1.17%), and the smallest share belongs to THT Exclusive TV (0.22%).

The public televisions, Moldova 1 (0.72%) and Moldova 2 (0.02%), together get only 0.8% in this rating.

The other televisions monitored by TV MR MLD together got 3.66%: RTR Moldova (1.72%), Pro TV Chișinău (0.39%), Jurnal TV (0.37%), N4 (0.28%), REN TV (0.19%), Mulit (0.18%), Kanal D (0.18%), TV8 (0.18%), and ITV Moldova – Пятый Канал [Fifth Channel] (0.17%).

In 2019, TV MR MLD obtained the right to make audience measurements on the territory of Moldova for a period of five years. Media experts and the representatives of some televisions criticized the manner in which the company was selected, claiming that the competition was flawed. The company TV MR MLD is managed by Liuba Lozovanu-Balan and was registered in October 2003. According to, TV MR MLD is the official representative of the company AGB Nielsen Media Research.