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The initiative banning the advertising of gambling in the media has been voted in final reading

25 November 2021
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The draft law prohibiting the advertising of gambling in the media was voted in the second reading at the plenary meeting of the Parliament on November 25. 56 MPs voted in support of the draft law. The initiative belongs to the Action and Solidarity Party.

The document prohibits any form, direct or indirect, of advertising (promotion) to promote and/or stimulate all types of gambling (including lotteries and betting on sports competitions/events, momentary lotteries), including advertising on radio and television, in print media, in film and video services, through the Internet, with the use of telephone networks. It also provides for sanctions for those who will place or disseminate advertising of gambling.

The authors argue that gambling creates victims and addiction among the most vulnerable social groups, including minors.

Amendments shall be made to the Law on the organization and conduct of gambling, Law on advertising, the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, and the Contraventions Code.

During public debates on the draft law, the representatives of several media outlets and sales houses said they would be financially affected if MPs approve the initiative prohibiting the promotion and advertising of all types of gambling.