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Jurnal TV: The station’s employees were ill-treated by a mayor

29 August 2013
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According to, the management of Jurnal TV asked for the authorities’ involvement into the case of intimidation of two of the station’s employees by the mayor of the Cimiseni village in the district of Criuleni. The mayor refused accusations and claimed that he was the victim of some persons with hidden interests.

According to the petition formulated by the management of Jurnal TV, reporter Aura Percic and cameraman Iurie Osipenco were ill-treated by Mayor Ghenadie Rabei and by some of his supporters while filming a conflict between a priest and the mayor.

The TV station’s representatives claim that attackers hit the camera and pushed the reporter, hitting the woman over the hands. Later, according to the petition, Aura Percic was verbally intimidated by Ghenadie Rabei over the telephone. As a result, the management of Jurnal TV decided to apply to competent authorities in order to stop intimidation and to sanction the mayor’s actions.

Contacted by the Independent Journalism Center, the mayor of Cimiseni denied that the incident had taken place, claiming that Jurnal TV had to apologize for false accusations. In addition, the mayor believes he is the target of a defamatory campaign initiated by an employee who he is in conflict with and who is a relative with some Jurnal TV employees.