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New members of the Supervisory Board and their plans for Teleradio-Moldova

29 January 2021
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On January 29, the Broadcasting Council (BC) elected, in a public competition, three new members of the Supervisory Board (SB) of Teleradio-Moldova (TRM). They are Professor Victor Borșevici, activist Dumitru Roibu, and businessman Alexandru Verșinin. All three of them insist on the need to modernize the public broadcasting company, and two of them previously worked with former President Igor Dodon, expressing support for his candidacy in the presidential campaign last fall.

Two other competitors, former MP Nae-Simion Pleșca and director Nicolae Scorpan did not accumulate the necessary number of votes to obtain these positions.


The first candidate according to the list was a professor and publicist Victor Borșevici. In his speech, he mentioned that the key reason for aspiring to the position of member in the SB are information security issues faced by Moldova.

Victor Borșevici presents to the members of the BC one of the volumes of Acta Academia edited by him. Source:


“As a member of the International Informatization Academy at the UN, I have extensive experience in this field. I have edited and issued 7 annual scientific volumes Acta Academia; initiated and chaired two international conferences with the participation of notable scientists from the USA, Canada, Russian Federation, Israel, and other countries,” said Borșevici, listing his achievements.

One of the volumes of ACta ACademia. 

He believes that the national public broadcasting company should also take care of the country’s youth and expand on digital platforms, such as Facebook or TikTok. In his opinion, TRM could obtain additional resources by accessing European grants.

During the debates, Borșevici noted that he does not aspire to the position for financial reasons, saying, “I don’t need money, I have everything. I came here for one thing: I am a university professor and I helped promote about 200 of my students in their lives, and I understand that the future of our country is the problem of youth, and if we do not work at it, then I came here for nothing if no one is interested in this.”

Victor Borșevici holds a Ph.D. in technical sciences and leads the Chisinau branch of the International Informatization Academy – “a Canadian-based public association specializing in the promotion of information technology. In Moldova, this association is led by Victor Borşevici, former ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to China during the communist period [2002-2006, editor’s note], well-known follower of ‘moldovenism’. Although it militates for the development of information technologies, the Chisinau branch of this ‘Academy’ does not have a website,” noted  Ziarul de Gardă in 2015. 

The logo of the Academy based in Canada (International Informatization Academy )

Borșevici was part of the Civil Society Council under former President Igor Dodon. In 2017, Dodon awarded him the Order of the Republic “for special merits to the state, long and prodigious work in various fields, high professional qualities and intense activity in the social field.” In turn, Borșevici publicly supported Dodon in the presidential elections in November 2020. He was also the author and host of the show Position on Accent TV, a station affiliated with the Socialists.

Victor Borșevici, author of the show Position on Accent TV

The new member of the SB owns a house in the village of Butuceni, known as the residence where he receives foreign delegations. After being announced as a winner of the contest, he invited BC members to Butuceni. “Don’t corrupt us,” replied Ala Ursu-Antoci.


The second candidate and winner of the competition is the businessman Alexandr Verșinin, who expressed willingness to modernize Teleradio-Moldova so that the young generation would be interested in the products of the public company. In his opinion, the subsidies that Teleradio-Moldova receives from the country’s budget could be used much more efficiently.

Verșinin criticized the activity of the current administration, being warned by the BC chairperson to refrain from attacks. “I would ask them every day how it is possible, having 150 million lei as subvention from the national budget, to have a television that we can’t rightfully call Moldova 1, but, according to the rating, Moldova 10, Moldova 20, etc.? How, with 150 million lei, three radio stations are based in one building – of I don’t know how many floors, – but the result is one – the money is wasted and the quantitative and qualitative indicators are not up to par. I have the impression that the top management has only one goal – to waste this money,” the candidate insisted.

He recalled that the ratings of private and low-budget media outlets are much higher and noted that the TRM website is not user-friendly. The new SB member claims that he used to work in a company with about 800 employees and considers that he knows how things should be done at TRM to change it for the better.

Alexandr Verșinin. Source: Canal 3



Alexandr Verșinin is known in the public space as one of the founders of the MoonShot project, which aims to send a coin-shaped object to the moon with thousands of messages written by the people of Earth. “We believe that freedom of expression is an essential right here, on Earth, and we are convinced that it must be the same on the Moon. So, you can send any message. Be creative,” he urged in 2018.



The third winner, Dumitru Roibu, stressed during the presentation of his project that he is working on his doctoral thesis in the field of good governance. According to him, the topic of the thesis focuses on the activity within the Supervisory Board of TRM, because it is related to the management of public resources.

He also emphasized the need to expand TRM online: “There has been a lot of talk about young people, and it is important because television in particular needs to be promoted, since everyone is moving online and both we, as the future Council, and the TV station must take this into account and cover that segment of activity since one thing does not exclude the other.” Roibu specified that an additional source of income for the public company could be obtained by capitalizing on the archive held by TRM.

BC member Artur Cozma asked him how he would manage the conflicts that might arise in the context of his visions, alluding to the promotion of the pro-Moldovan ideology. “It is a sensitive subject because we enter the area of ​​individual interpretations and preferences, which certainly cannot be extrapolated to public institutions. As it is a public institution, starting from its mission, and taking into account the fact that it involves different people, we have to present opinions and give people the opportunity to form their own visions and opinions freely, based on the materials presented. There can be no forcing or imposing certain opinions,” commented Dumitru Roibu.

Dumitru Roibu, at the Stephan the Great monument. Source:


According to, Dumitru Roibu studied international relations and fine arts at Moldova State University. He defended his diploma thesis on the topic of National Interests of the Republic of Moldova in Contemporary Geopolitical Conditions. After being president of the ECODAVA Foundation for two years, in 2015 he became an assistant to the MP Andrei Neguța, former ambassador of Moldova in Moscow. In 2016 he founded the ‘Stephen’s Followers” Youth Movement, becoming its president.

Roibu, like Victor Borșevici, was a member of the Civil Society Council under the former president, as chairman of the Commission for Youth. On February 2, 2018, Igor Dodon awarded him the Civic Merit Medal, “for special merits in consolidating the statehood of the Republic of Moldova, significant contribution to the formation of civil society, and prodigious activity in the social field.” Dumitru Roibu also announced his support for Igor Dodon in the 2020 presidential elections.