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Pro Moldova Accuses TRM of Political Partiality and Non-Compliance with the Right of Reply. Moldova 1 Administration Rejects the Accusations

29 July 2020
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Andrian Candu, the leader of Pro Moldova political party, accuses Teleradio-Moldova Company of failing to reflect their initiatives and not inviting them to their broadcasts, therefore informing citizens “incorrectly and subjectively”. In this regard, the deputy has sent an official letter to the Supervisory Council (SC) of TRM, the Broadcasting Council, and several media NGOs. The public broadcaster administration rejects the accusations and claims that it has been reflecting the party’s activity in a balanced way. The issue was discussed at the SC meeting on July 29.

According to the letter sent in the middle of the month, Teleradio-Moldova has “intentionally and systematically’ failed to offer opposition parliamentary parties, especially Pro Moldova, broadcast time equal to that offered to the ruling parties. “The service provider in question has been refusing, for a long time, to offer PRO Moldova representatives a chance to share their views on political events in the company’s studios, offering air time only for brief live interventions, while the representatives other political parties and their supporters have been permanently present in the studios and participated in shows in their entirety”, Andrian Candu complains.

Besides, according to the politician, the guests of some shows broadcast by the channel voiced out their accusations against Pro Moldova, and TRM has failed to offer them the right to reply. “At the shows, the respective guests (representatives of the government – editor’s note) accused against the leader of PRO Moldova, Andrian Candu, as well as other deputies from our parliamentary group, and the representatives of Teleradio-Moldova have not offered them the right to reply”, he writes in his complain regarding PRO Moldova.

In the letter, the party demands providing the conditions equal to those offered to the governing parties for attending audiovisual programs and program sets, and “offering broadcast time and the right to reply”.


At the meeting of the TRM Supervisory Council, the administration of the institution rejected the accusations of the party. Ecaterina Stratan, TRM Deputy General Director in charge of Moldova 1, has mentioned that the opinions of the opposition parties are permanently presented in the news and debate shows, and Pro Moldova projects have been promptly made public. This data could be confirmed by an internal monitoring practiced by the TV channel itself.

Ecaterina Stratan also specifies that Andrian Candu refused to take part in “Moldova in direct” TV shows to be held on June 18 and July 21. “When I called Andrian Candu for the last time and personally invited him to the studio, he delegated that task to Mr. Sergiu Sirbu and said that he was reluctant to attend the studio together with the representatives of the other parties. He wanted to visit us alone. We will certainly invite him, but now, we have some topics some issues to discuss with quite a lot of persons to be invited”, Ecaterina Stratan explains.

Moreover, TRM representatives state that Andrian Candu did not request to be granted the right to reply.

After attending to the TRM arguments, the CS members recommended to the company’s management team to electronically inform the representatives of the political parties about their invitations and appearances in the TV and public radio shows.

foto: captură video Moldova 1