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Campaign Advertising on the Radio: How Much the Election Participants Pay to Be Heard by the Citizens

11 June 2021
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Radio Noroc and Vocea Basarabiei are the radio stations which, similar to the 2020 presidential elections, demand the highest prices for broadcasting electoral advertising during the campaign for the early parliamentary elections to be held on July 11, according to data published on the Broadcasting Council’s website. Hit FM ranks third this time; last year, this ranking was held by Poli Disc – Novoie Radio.

The prices demanded by radio service providers for election campaign advertising are lower than those asked by most TV channels. The most expensive advertisement can be heard at Radio Noroc, which set a fee of approximately 115 Euros per minute, according to the editorial policy statement for the election campaign for the early parliamentary elections to be held in July. Vocea Basarabiei and Hit FM follow with the prices of 70 Euros per minute.

60 Euros per minute of advertising is the fee demanded by Radio 7 and Radio Moldova Actualitati. On Retro FM, the election participants have to pay 55 Euros per minute to be heard by the audience, and on Radio Orhei FM, it costs about 50 Euros.


Poli Disc - Novoie Radio station, whose prices ranked third among the suppliers last year, currently demands 44 Euros for broadcasting a minute of electoral advertising. At Dor radio, the election participants are asked to pay approximately 42 Euros.

On Jurnal FM, the candidates can be heard during electoral advertising blocks for 36 Euros per minute, whereas on Europa Plus Moldova, the same service costs 35 Euros.

The offers by Radio Chisinau, Radio Moldova Tineret public station, Autoradio, and Radio Aquarelle range from 28 Euros to 23 Euros.

Such media service providers as Radio Zum, Radio One, Publika FM, Like FM - Russkoie Radio, Maestro FM, and Muz FM request 20 Euros each for electoral broadcasting time. Euronova FM demands 21 Euros, and Drochia FM and Radio MD request about 19 Euros per minute of electoral advertising.

Offers ranging from 16 to 9 Euros can be found on Art FM, Radio 911, Radio Media, Radio Prim, Bas Fm, Pro 100 Radio, Radio Albena, Bugeac FM, GRT FM (public radio station from the ATU of Gagauzia), and Radio Soroca.

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