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Corneliu Durnescu is the new head of the public television Moldova 1

13 December 2021
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Journalist and TV producer Corneliu Durnescu has been appointed as deputy director of Teleradio-Moldova (TRM) and responsible for the public television station. The TRM General Director Vlad Țurcanu presented his candidacy to the Supervisory and Development Board (SDB) on Monday, December 13.

Vlad Țurcanu said that Corneliu Durnescu had worked at Radio Moldova and Jurnal TV and had been the producer of some television projects, such as Star Factory on Prime TV station. In recent years, he has worked as a producer on Radio Free Europe. “I have full confidence that Mr. Durnescu, after the discussions we have had on concrete topics regarding public television, will manage to give an impetus to national television,” said the new director of TRM.

“I hope that you will see some results already in two weeks. I know how television is done. I did it. And it is a challenge for me, too,” Durnescu said.

He added that he intends to make “major restructuring” within the Moldova 1 departments. “The first thing, which we have already done, is the schedule for winter holidays, which was terrible, with reruns from 2019. But, well, they had nowhere to choose from. So, that is a priority – the broadcast schedule needs to be changed,” Durnescu added.

In this context, the SDB member Irina Mațenco criticized the performance of journalists that cover economy topics. “The economy department of Moldova 1 is not just weak, it is shameful. People there embarrass themselves in live broadcasts and cannot make a difference between customs duty and excise duty. There are things that one learns at school,” Irina Mațenco said. She suggested Durnescu should attract young journalists, recent university students.

Their colleague Loretta Handrabura pleaded for the national television to also use the feminine forms that are found in the dictionaries of the Romanian language. “We did not use them by virtue of history, as, well, it so happened that the masculine form became a general rule. It seems to me that it is correct to say directress,” Loretta Handrabura said.

Vlad Țurcanu was appointed as general director of TRM by a Parliament decision of December 3. Vlad Ţurcanu’s candidacy was proposed by the SDB President Arcadie Gherasim. The former members of the Supervisory and Development Board were dismissed in corpore on November 5, when the respective amendments to the Code of Audiovisual Media Services entered into force. MPs voted for the return of Teleradio-Moldova under parliamentary control on November 4.