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The Parliament appointed new members of the Broadcasting Council

03 December 2021
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By a decision of December 3, the Parliament appointed new members of the Broadcasting Council (BC). The decision was supported by 86 MPs. Ruslan Mihalevschi, Liliana Vițu-Eșanu, Larisa Turea, Orest Dabija, Tatiana Crestenco, Ana Gonța and Eugeniu Rîbca are to hold a single six-year term.

85 MPs voted for Larisa Turea, Tatiana Crestenco, Liliana Vițu-Eșanu. 82 MPs voted for Orest Dabija, and 80 MPs voted for Ruslan Mihalevchi. Aneta Gonța and Eugeniu Rîbca were supported by 84 MPs.

The journalist Ruslan Mihalevschi was proposed by the president of the country, and the journalist and communication expert Liliana Vițu-Eșanu – by the Government. The writer Larisa Turea and the official Orest Dabija from the Ministry of Culture were proposed by the Action and Solidarity Party. Tatiana Crestenco, head of the office of Deputy Speaker Vlad Batrâncea and former employee of the People’s Advocate Office, was proposed by the faction of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists (BCS). Media experts Aneta Gonța and Eugeniu Rîbca were proposed by the civil society.

Details from each of their CVs are available HERE.

The Broadcasting Council is, since recently, formed of 7 members: three proposed by parliamentary factions, respecting the proportional representation of the parliamentary majority and opposition; one proposed by the President and the Government, each; and two members proposed by civil society organizations relevant for broadcasting.  According to the new amendments to the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, the BC meetings are considered deliberative if attended by at least five members (six before amendments), and decisions can be adopted with the vote of at least four members (five previously).

The former BC members were dismissed on November 11, when the Parliament rejected the BC activity report for 2020. The former head of the BC Ala Ursu-Antoci told Media Azi that she would appeal against the Parliament’s decision to dismiss her.